Hotel Review: Intercontinental Bucharest – Part 3

Club Lounge

The lounge staff did a tremendous job.  They greeted me with a smile when entering the lounge and thanked me for my loyalty by name and elite status level.  They walked around checking in on all the guests.  They took your drink requests and brought it out to you.  I had wonderful Green Teas and Cappuccinos.

Club Lounge
Club Lounge
Day View from Club Lounge

The lounge is big.  Nearly 1/3 the size of the entire floor.  The lounge was well lit with an entire wall of windows from floor to ceiling.  This gave way to spectacular views of the cityscape.  After the check-in desk, the main area was broken into two sections, a sitting area that is reminiscent of a library and a dining area.

Conference Room
Computer Room

In addition to the main room, there are two additional rooms.  A moderately sized conference room that must be reserved and a small computer area 2 PCs and networked printer.

Club Lounge Self Serve Buffet
Self Serve Buffet

Dining in the lounge was wonderful.  There were fresh and tasty snacks.  A lite dinner was also served if you did not feel like eating out.  Many hot and cold drinks were available and I took many bottles of water back to my room to drink instead of going out to buy bottled water.  The breakfast buffet was filling.  They provided provided french toast, cereal, fresh fruit, bacon and many other things to stuff yourself  on.



For me personally, what makes or breaks a breakfast buffet is its bacon.  And of the twenty countries and what seems like endless buffets   : )   this club lounge had the best bacon I have ever had.  Each strip was thick, well done but not burn and not greasy.  The bacon also happens to be the least fatty strips I have ever had.  I am glad I went back for a third plate full.  When bacon is done right, you can never get enough.

Bacon Rating:     9/10 sizzling strips.  Yum.