Hotel Review: Intercontinental Bucharest – Part 2


The suite was even more luxurious.  The suite contained a bedroom, a living room, two baths:  one with a shower and one with a jetted tub, and a larger balcony.

Suite Living Room
Suite Living Room Bath

The Living Room featured two coffee makers, a large unlocked LCD television and a full bath with shower.  The provided me with a new welcome gift of wine and appetizers, but since I don’t like wasting food, I had them take it back.

Suite Bedroom
Suite Bedroom Bath

The bedroom featured an even larger unlocked LCD television and a bathroom with a jetted tub big enough for two.  The closet in the bedroom also held the electronic safe.  The hotel provided a pillow menu, but since I was happy with the provided pillows, I did not order any extra.  The wireless was excellent.  I was getting around 15 mbps download and 6 mbps upload.  I was able to stream shows in full hd without any lag.

Day View from Suite

The views were just a breathtaking.


Gym and Pool Floor

The pool, gym and spa are all located on the 22nd Floor.  It it the second highest floor with terrific views of the city.  You will be asked by the attendant for your room number and which amenity you would be using.  They will provide towels.  The pool, hot tub, gym and sauna are free to use.  The spa is available at an extra cost depending on which services you desire.

Hot Tub

There is a bar located at the pool serving free juices and flavored waters.  There is also a shower area at the pool.  You can find showers, changing rooms and saunas past the hot tub on the way to the gym.


The gym is extensive with many modern equipment.  There is an onsite water cooler so you won’t have to leave to get a drink.  During the busiest time of the day, there were no more than 7 people in the gym.

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