Cell Phone and Cable American Express Membership Rewards Bonus Offers.

Source: AmericanExpress.com

American Express Memberships Rewards gave us two brand new targeted offers for using our Membership Rewards earning credit cards for paying our cell phone and cable/satellite TV service with a minimum of $100 per transaction up to three times per offer.

If you were targeted for this bonus in your available Membership Rewards offers you can receive up to 3,000 points for paying your cable or satellite TV service with the associated credit card.


  1. Log into your account on AmericanExpress.com
  2. Scroll to the bottom of each of your Membership Rewards earnings cards and check available offers.
  3. Choose add to card to enable offer.
  4. Pay your cable or satellite TV bill with a minimum of $100 per transaction with the associated card for that offer.
  5. You can perform this three times for up to 3,000 Membership Rewards points.
Source: AmericanExpress.com

You can repeat the same process for your cell phone payments if the same terms are met and earn up to another 3,000 Membership Rewards points.  This offer is limited to only T-Mobile, Sprint, AT&T, US Cellular and Verizon.  I am unfortunate as my service provider is Google Fi so I will not be able to participate in this offer.

Membership Rewards points are highly coveted and easily earned, especially with the great offers that American Express gives.  I am looking forward to transferring my points to Etihad Airways for a great flight in their first class section on the A380 this November when I visit India.