Buffet Review: Harbourside at Intercontinental Hong Kong.

Words cannot express how happy some buffets make me.  Harbourside  at the Intercontinental Hong Kong is one of them.

The Harbourside is a buffet style restaurant at the Intercontinental Hong Kong on the lower level with magnificent food and incredible views.

For me personally, the definite elements of a great buffet is a carving station with prime rib or another type of equally good beef (porterhouse, strip, tenderloin, or ribeye) and a dessert section with at least two tasty chocolate items.  Extra points for a chocolate fountain or creme brulee.

Carving Station

Meats were everywhere and I enjoyed it tremendously.  The had wonderful samplings of pork tenderloin, chicken, salmon, but as soon as I saw prime rib, everything else disappeared.

Beef, Beef and More Beef

The prime rib was cooked to a perfect medium rare.  They even had end pieces on available on 2 of my 3 visits to the carving station.  Even though there was no Au Jus available, I could easily forgive for since the meat was tender and flavorful.  What makes this buffet even better than most is that they also had beef tenderloin.  I couldn’t tell if this was a regular item or because of the Lunar New Year holiday, but my taste buds could care less.  Though priced at $110 was quite alot, I had to try just once if I never made it back to Hong Kong.

More delicious delectables!

Seafood Bonanza


If seafood is what tickles your fancy.  They had everything from lobster to shrimp and crabs.

And now time for dessert

The dessert section was half the size of the entire food section.  Everything look appetizing and made it difficulty in choosing just a few.

Fine Pastries

Ice Cream and Toppings

I always love a good ice cream station.  They had a decent selection of ice creams and a couple of sorbets.  Toppings such as gummi bears, M&M’s and jelly beans we delightful.

This is only half the M&M’s I originally had on the plate.

Chocolate Fountain,  Check.

Eat Them Up Yum

All in all, the best dessert I have ever had at a buffet.  All beautifully crafted and elegantly presented.


Even for $110, you will walk away with a smile on your face and full stomach and a desire to come back tomorrow.  The staff at Harbourside at Intercontinental Hong Kong outdid themselves.  Superior service, wide selection, and delicious with every bite.  I look forward to returning for returning to Hong Kong.